Fruity Robo Episode 52

Fruity Robo

Summary: The jelly martial arts academy was originally a harmonious place, where the jelly people study and play happily.
Unexpectedly, one day an uninvited guest came—thug eyebrow and mouse eye, he was one of the four evil thieves. Disturbed the peace in the college. In order to maintain peace, the abbot drove Ye Yan and Shangguan Ziyi to the Tianshan Mountains. And he gave the three swords left by the master to Orange Liuxiang, Pineapple Chuuxue and Lu Xiaoguo. When the Guobao Special Attacks heard that the big demon Dongfang Qiufei and the four evil thieves had poisoned the Seven Colored Lotus and harmed the villagers, they made up their minds to kill the people.
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